US EMMAs 2011 Winners Announced

Q & A

How do we enter?

Please follow this link to the entry form and follow the instructions.  Please note all entries must be completed with all of the required elements in order to be accepted.

You can enter yourself or nominate a colleague, client or one of your service providers.  The process is the same whether you are nominating or entering yourself.

What is the deadline?

Entries must be in by June 24 for the US EMMAs 2011 and July 29 for the European EMMAs 2011.  Late entries will not be accepted.

Q & A

What are the categories?

The EMMAs are made up of 22 categories.  For a full list please follow this link.

All categories can be entered by following the instructions on the entry form, apart from Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility which is in the gift of The Forum and will be presented to an individual that stands out as someone that has consistently demonstrated excellence and made huge contributions to this industry throughout their career.

Can we/I enter more than one category?

You may enter as many categories as you wish.

Why should we enter?

The EMMAs are a great opportunity to celebrate excellence in global mobility.  An entry can really help to focus your team on what has been achieved and what constitutes excellence.  It can help give clarity to future plans as well as the past.  An entry also gives a clear message to your team that they are valued.

Shortlisted entries will be publicised and can use a special “shortlisted nominee” button on their website.  Shortlisted nominees are also eligible for a discounted ticket or table for the EMMAs Gala Dinner at which the awards will be presented.

It is worth entering so that your team can attend the gala dinner with a chance of winning.  If you don’t enter you cannot win!

What will the judges be looking for in a winning entry?

The judges will be using their extensive knowledge of the industry to judge the best entry.  The EMMAs celebrate excellence in Global Mobility.  The best entries will, therefore, stand out from the rest as a clear example of achievements and innovations within the industry.  Whilst each category has guidelines for who should enter, each entry should cover the following 4 main points in both a 2 page statement and by using relevant supporting statements.

  • A clear statement indicating why the nominated entrant should win the EMMA for the category making clear the organisational benefits driven by the team/individual concerned.
  • Examples of how the team/individual has impacted the overall business priorities of their employers or clients, any benefits to the assignees and any obstacles overcome
  • Clear evidence of any innovations, effective deployment of resources or improvement in cost management
  • Longer term impact and lessons learned and how any improved methods have been introduced to other parts of the business or other clients

Who are the judges and what is the judging process?

The EMMAs are independently judged by some of the most respected professionals in Global Mobility.   For full terms of the judging process please visit the Judging Process tab.

We have two separate panels, one for the European EMMAs and one for the USA.  The full judging panels can be viewed by following this link.

Can judges also enter the EMMAs?

Judges are not able to judge a category that they are judging or have any connection with.

When will the winners be announced?

The EMMAs 2011 USA winners will be announced at the EMMAs Awards Ceremony in Chicago in the evening of September 12, 2011.

The EMMAs Europe will be announced at the EMMAs Gala Dinner at the Park Plaza, London on November 4, 2011.

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What do winner receive?

Winners will receive a trophy with their name inscribed on the trophy.  They will also receive a certificate and be eligible to include a button announcing them as an EMMA winner on their website, emails and letterhead.  Runners up will also receive a certificate ad button for the website, emails and letterhead.

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