US EMMAs 2011 Winners Announced

Judging Process

Our prestigious panel of judges is comprised of some of the most respected figures in the Global Mobility sector.  They have been selected because of their experience, expertise and knowledge within this industry.  We have created two panels, one for the European EMMAs and one for the US EMMAs in order to strengthen the relevancy of their position.  To see the profiles for the judging panel please follow this link.

Judging Process

All decisions are independently arrived at by this panel.  No judge will be permitted to judge a category where they have an interest.  They will not be judging a category that they have entered or sponsored.  Nor will they judge a category in which they are a service provider themselves.  The judges will not be informed as to who else is judging their category and the final result will be based on a majority vote.  All entries receiving a 1st place nomination will receive 3 points, 2nd place 2 points and highly commended 1.  The nominee with the most points will be announced as the winner.  FEM are not represented on the judging panel and have no influence on the result.

The judges will be basing their decisions on the nominee profiles presented to them for each shortlisted nominee alongside their previous knowledge of the industry.  These profiles will include the 150 word introductory summary, the supporting statement and any supporting documents.  They will be particularly focusing on the 4 key points presented in the guidelines for the supporting statement available in the “how to enter” section.

The only exception to the process is for the category of Outstanding Contribution to Global Mobility.  This is not judged by the judging panel and is in the gift of the FEM.

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